Eco Park Cusco is a typical Peruvian restaurant & family park in the countryside.

We have a traditional Peruvian oven cooking a variety of delicious typical foods.

S/.5 entrance to the park per person

Entrance to the park is free for those eating from our menu


Open to the public Saturday & Sunday 10am to 5pm
(Only reserve for families more than 12 people)

Monday to Friday it is rented privately to institutions, schools and birthday or other parties.

The playground is modelled on a typical park in England.
Eco Park is made of natural materials and is not only a safe space to play but located in the most beautiful part of Cusco.

You can book your private parties at Eco Park for birthdays, weddings or corporate events.

The park also offers safe and comfortable Camping.

Eco Park offers a menu every day with a full traditional menu on Saturdays & Sundays. We can also organise meals for camping and private parties.
The best children's park in Cusco is designed to be safe and enjoyable experience for all the family.
Celebrate a birthday or rent an area of the park for your school or organisation.
Eco Park is in Ticapata, 5 minutes drive from Enaco on La Cultura. Despite the location being near the city of Cusco, Eco Park is set in a beautiful and natural location.
Eco Park provides camping in the beautiful countryside of Cusco. A safe and beautiful location five minutes from La Cultura.
Your questions answered about the park, camping or parties at Eco Park Cusco. For example, can I bring my dog? Can I bring my own food?