How to Find Eco Park

Eco Park is in Ticapata, Cusco. Only 5 minutes by car from Enaco on La Cultura.
There is a car park and collectivos go to the village of Ticapata.
“A different place to go. Go with the kids, very beautiful for the kids, it was  really nice.”
Drive or take a taxi

Eco Park has parking for those driving. Take the road up from Enaco and after about 4 minutes, you will see a sign for Eco Park. Turn right into Ticapata and Eco Park is at the end of the road.

From Enaco

From Enaco, there are collectivos that go to the entrance to Ticapata for S/1. From there you can walk to Eco Park in less than 10 minutes. The collectivos will also take you all the way to Eco Park for S/7. To walk from Enaco takes about 40 minutes.

From Larapa, bus stop for Batman

You can take the Batman bus to Larapa and it will take approximately 20 minutes to walk to Eco Park. Walk from Larapa up to Santa Maria and then enter Ticapata one block up from Gal school. At the water reservoir, follow the electric cables going up to Eco Park.

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