Private Parties, Groups & Birthdays

Eco Park is available to rent for Private Birthday Parties, schools or corporate events. Depending on the size of your group, we have various areas to accommodate your event.

Looking for a place for children's birthday party in Cusco? Then Eco Park has everything you need.

Celebrate your meetings or birthday in two ways:

“I love it, very beautiful and creative plus it is very fun and the games are very good the tube slide is very interesting.”

Option 1

By consumption dishes for children:
Grilled chicken 14.00
Steak 14.00
Montado 15.00
Pobre 17.00
1/8 of chicken in the oven 12.00

Adult dishes
Dishes from
Pobre 25.00
Chicharron 27.00
1/2 cuy 32.
Whole cuy 52

Lemonade 1 liter 10.00

1 plate per person, you can use the park from 10a.m. at 5pm, we will have an exclusive area for your meeting depending on the number of people, you can bring snacks and cake.
Restricted entry of drink, food, pets and plastic technopor or confetti.

Reservation must be made with a minimum of 7 days with a 50% advance and the day of the party when entering the other 50%

Option 2

Paying per person S/.12 children or adults from 2 years: you have an area according to the number of your guests you can enter all food, drink, snacks.
Group from 50 entry S/.11.50.
From 100 the entrance is S/.10.00 per person
No technopor or confeti plastics enter

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Birthday Parties
Eco Park birthday party

Rent an area of Eco Park for your children's private birthday party.

Private Events for your School

Your school can rent an area of Eco Park for a great day out. Come to the best Children's park in Cusco for a day out with your students!

Private Events for your Company

At Eco Park, we have areas where you can enjoy a private event for your company party.