Summer Camp

For JANUARY and FEBRUARY, Eco Park offers the best Vacation Plan for the children of Cusco!

We provide various fun activities:

Survival Skills

How to build a survival shelter
Learning to make a fire
Ropes and knots
Using Maps, Treasure hunt
First aid

Eco Warrior

Use of Plastics
How to Save Water
Growing your own food

Animal Care

Taking care of the farm animals
Learning to care for pets
Feeding the Animals
Collecting Eggs
Caring for the smallest animals on the farm


Mini Golf


Sack races
Lemon and spoon races
Fun walks

Arts & Crafts

Making Cloth Bags


Mental Agility


Learning to ride a bicycle
Trail Walking

Description of the Park

ECO PARK is a different park !!! 100% inspired by the beautiful European parks, built with biodegradable materials, guaranteeing fun, safety and learning in nature for our children !!!
At the end of our holiday we will close with a flourish. With a camp in Eco Park that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience !!!


All Eco park staff are trained in First Aid and Child Protection practices.

Eco warrior

Everyone is invited to a nights Camping at the end of the Summer Camp

Summer Camp Prices per child

4 weeks S/.350
3 weeks: S/.300
Weekly: S/.125
3 days: S/.65
Per day: S/.25

Limited Spaces Available!

Summer Camp Questions

Eco Park is in Ticapata, 5 minutes drive from Enaco on La Cultura. For maps and directions visit our Find Us Page scription
From Enaco, we have transport for S/.2 per day. From your home: We have reliable transports with experience in school transport. Please please call the following person: Mr. David Huaman telephone: 953 898 995. Please contact us for more information.

Snack S/.120 for the whole holiday duration, will be a balanced and nutritious snack for the children. We have prohibited all kinds of junk food.

The Snack will consist of a refreshment with something healthy, such as green tallerines, tarwi, fruit salads, etc.

5 years to 16 years old.
From 2nd January to 15th February, 8.30am to 1pm.