Terms and Conditions


Here are the mandatory points for children during the holiday, in order to achieve an adequate development of them:

Children must abide by the rules indicated at all times by the tutors and responsible for the vacation. No type of violent, physical and verbal behavior is allowed. Maximum respect to the rest of companions and tutors.
Respect of the schedules. The schedule set by the company regarding the hours of entry and exit must be respected. Failure to comply with this point leads to the payment of S / 10 for each extra half hour as the staff must stay with the student until their representative arrives, unless justified cause or prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure.
Children must attend the Vacation with comfortable clothes that can dirty, stain and be consistent for the best development of activities, since we do not take responsibility for the deterioration of clothing.
Participation in the activity. All children must participate in the scheduled activities.
All materials and facilities must be properly cared for and respected by children.
Absence, departure and / or abandonment. Children can not leave or leave the holiday activity without the accompaniment of a tutor as long as the reason for this interruption is justified.
Children should not bring: - Mp3 players, Ipods, Psp, Nintendo DS, tablets, and any other electronic device that distracts them from their daily activities.
Valuable objects that are unnecessary or delicate.
Personal hygiene: Children must maintain a proper daily hygiene, for the proper development of the holiday and a good interpersonal relationship.
External communication: Children can only make calls to family members at the indicated times (see the orientation program) as long as they do not disrupt the proper functioning of the workshops and programmed activities.
It is not allowed to smoke, consume alcohol or any other type of drugs or narcotics.
The possession of any type of weapons (knives, machetes, knives) is not allowed.
On return of vacation registration money: Any breach of any of the internal rules established by the company or any improper behavior on the part of the child, the company will communicate with the legal responsible, taking the appropriate measures and reserving the right to expulsion of the child's activities if they considered it appropriate. In that case the child will not have the right to refund and / or refund for registration.
In case parents for some minor reason (travel, lack of integration, adaptation to workshops or the environment, etc.) decide to remove the child from our vacation there will be no refund since at the time of registration the child's reservation was reserved. otherwise reason would generate loss to the company.


The Eco Fun Diversion Plan is not responsible for the loss of personal items, money and / or clothing that may occur during the development of the camp or the deterioration thereof.

The cases of serious lack of discipline or failure to comply with the rules of the vacancy will be made known to the next of kin. If the incorrect attitude is continued, the staff of the resort reserves the right to urge the participant to leave the activity in advance, which will mean the loss of the amount paid for the camp.


In the event that a child suffers from an illness, accident, or simply is not well, we will immediately contact relatives to inform them and take the necessary measures.
Cases of medication and special treatment: If a child has to take medication or requires special care for a medical reason, he or she must notify the vacation managers so that they are knowledgeable and can act accordingly.
Special feeding cases: In case any child needs a specific menu (celiac, vegan, etc.), they must communicate it together with the registration request to be able to introduce it into the general organization of food.


They will be delivered to the responsible tutors, along with the medical report and the administration form. The boxes will bear the name and surname of the interested party.